The goal of the game is to launch the UFOs successfully by pushing them to the matching launching platform. Take care, as if UFOs collide or if you connect them to the wrong platform, it has fatal consequences.

You can scroll the play field with your fingers.
You can select a UFO by touching it.
By holding your finger on the selected UFO you can push it in the desired direction.
A pushed UFO will slide until it hits the edge and you can just nudge it again after this. You will lose any UFO that you send on a line that leaves the play area.

Double tapping the play field will show you the next UFO.
Double tapping a UFO will show you the matching launching platform.
Double tapping a launching platform will show you the matching UFO.

During a game, you can activate the menu by touching the screen with two or more fingers.

To start or continue solving the actual level hit Play in the menu.
You can quit the game at all time. When you restart you can continue the game where you left it.

If you fail at a level, you can try it again by hitting Retry in the menu.

If you succeed at a Level, you can move on with Next in the menu. If you find the task of nudging the UFOs too easy, you can go to more difficult levels with Select in the menu.

Good luck at BlastOff Addiction! We hope you enjoy it!


BlastOff Addiction is a real cool UFO logic puzzle for the iPhone. The goal is to launch the waiting UFOs by finding the route to the matching launch platforms. To complete this task you have to match pairs and solve pathfinding puzzles. While solving the puzzles you will feel in real action. The controlled UFOs follow your directions with cool visual and sound effects, so long as you know what to do.

The task often steps out from common puzzles and is full of more serious logical and combinative challenges. But donít be afraid, as you can adjust the level of difficulty to ensure fun for everyone!

You can start, quit or continue the game with one key press. BlastOff Addiction is the perfect game for people who play often but just have small pockets of time to play, either during traveling, in school breaks or during a coffee break at your job.

Are you ready to Blast Off?